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Advertising Creative

An advertising creativity is flourishing, having undergone a dramatic transformation over the past several years.Gone are the days of using digital ads almost exclusively for direct marketing purposes. Today, marketers are successfully employing digital advertising to achieve strategic objectives all along the purchase funnel.

A Glance:

In online advertising, an ad may take many different forms. It could be a banner, a graphic image or an animated GIF of a designated pixel size and byte size. An ad or set of ads for a campaign is often referred to as “the creative.” Video ads, banners and other special advertising that include an interactive or visual element beyond the usual are known as rich media.

Creativity is critical to effective advertising.

Creative refers to an image file or snippet of code that can be rendered as a display advertisement when entered into an ad serving platform (such as DFP).
Many brands have used creativity to build brand images with greater meaning the basic capabilities of their products. Leadership in creativity and artistry in advertising help distinguish brand leaders. Knowing how to use creativity to deliver powerful ad messages is key.Creative imply refers to the file that becomes a display ad appearing on a site, mobile browser, video player, or other medium. Creative can take many formats, including:

  • Image (PNG, GIF, JPEG)
  • Flash File (SWF)
  • 3rd Party Tag

When an advertiser or their agency says that they will be “delivering creative” at a certain time, it means that they will be sending an email with attached image / Flash files or delivering the HTML code that can be entered into an ad serving platform.

What makes an engage in Ad Creative?

While many businesses have seen great success with Facebook ads, others are either doing well but want to improve or aren’t doing very well and are scared to try it again.

One of the main areas you can improve on is the visual which is why 68% of marketers want to learn more about how to create engaging ad visuals.

Principles of Design:

The principles of design are a set of commonly accepted visual guidelines that you should generally follow to have an aesthetically pleasing advertisement. Though terminology varies, the principles includes balance, hierarchy, proportion, emphasis and unity. Balance means the visual items are evenly weighted throughout the ad. Hierarchy relates to the flow of the ad and the way the reader or viewer’s eye should move to uncover the story. Proportion refers to the size and impact of various element within the ad. Emphasis is used to make certain elements stand out. Unity is the generally harmony of the ad, including clear margins and use of vertical and horizontal axes.

 Creativity in Ads:

Creativity as divergent thinking namely, the ability to find unusual and nonobvious solutions to a problem. Creative ads more effective in inspiring people to buy products than ads that simply catalogue product attributes or benefits? Numerous laboratory experiments have found that creative messages get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the products being marketed, but there’s no firm evidence that shows how those messages influence purchase behaviour. Similarly, there is remarkably little empirical research that ties creative messaging to actual sales revenues. Because product and brand managers and the agencies pitching to them have lacked a systematic way to assess the effectiveness of their ads, creative advertising has been a crapshoot.

Next Mile Digital/Bengaluru:

It is a brand and creative design company. We create work that works, and defies codes at the same time and proudly call ourselves the nation’s quirkiest agency. The diversity of our skills reflects in the diversity of the brands we handle. We do High-end Graphics and design for Merchandise, Apparels and Non-apparels, Visual spaces, restaurants, Packaging and Product Development, Coffee table Books.