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CMS Web Development

Research on Web Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a buzz word in the web development industry because of its advantages and benefits of simplicity and maintenance.CMS stands for Content Management System, a software application used for the creation, storage, and management of web content in many formats.A Web Content Management System (WCM, WCMS or Web CMS) is content management system (CMS) software, implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A WCMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions. The software provides authoring (and other) tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of programming languages or mark-up languages to create and manage content with relative ease.

Content is frequently, but not universally, stored!

Most systems use a database to store content, metadata, or arti-facts that might be needed by the system. As XML, to facilitate, reuse, and enable flexible presentation options.Administration is done through browser-based interfaces, but some systems require the use of a fat client.A presentation layer displays the content to Web-site visitors based on a set of templates. The templates are sometimes XSLT files.Most systems use server side caching boosting performance. This works best when the WCMS is not changed often but visits happen on a regular basis.Unlike Web-site builders, a WCMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A WCMS typically requires an experienced coder to set up and add features, but is primarily a Web-site maintenance tool for non-technical administrators.This means users will not need to hire a web design company every time they want to update the site or add content.

Benefits of CMS

  • The users can add/edit/modify website contents anywhere anytime.
  • Using CMS has huge cost benefits as many leading CMS are open sources.
  • CMS reduces the substantial amount of programming and website maintenance hours.
  • CMS are loaded with a number of built-in plugins for SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, payment gateways, Ads, Videos and blogging. The customer can just enable these tools to attract more website traffic.
  • The customer doesn’t need HTML knowledge or a design skill to edit the contents. WYSIWYG editor is all they need to create/edit/delete & publish the contents.

Features of CMS Development:

  • WYSIWYG Editor: Add, delete, edit or modify the text and images, and videos to improve the look and feel of the website
  • Admin Control Management: Admin panel to manage the content displayed on the website.
  • Cost Effective: Reduces the cost of your project as it is easy for any User to modify or control the website content without any technical knowledge
  • Website Easily Manageable: Simplifies and make it easier to manage large amount of data
  • Better Generation of Content: as it supports Rich media management and documents file management
  • Social Media Integrations: Supports social media integration
  • Multiple languages: Internationalization and localization
  • Customization: Customization is possible as per the requirement
  • SEO Friendly Website: Provide improved SEO ranking through keyword rich content

Custom CMS Development @ Next Mile Digital:

Managing dynamic contents online helps the customers to find their place in the competitive market and drives their business process to reach a new height.
We help our customers to manage their contents online by customizing the CMS for them to suit their business needs. The customer can manage their website contents anywhere anytime online without any technical assistance.
Next Mile Digital has profound knowledge in Customizing top CMS like Drupal and WordPress. We have highly skilled and reliable team for Drupal and WordPress custom development.