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Rebranding Agency

Creation of a new look!

Rebranding is new look and feel for an established product or company. Rebranding efforts may include a name change, a new logo or packaging and updated marketing materials that include the latest industry buzzwords.Public awareness of company rebrands in recent years is high, and with good reason: A good rebrand can shed new light on a company, connecting it with consumers in new and effective ways.Rebranding your business is an excellent and cost efficient way to differentiate your business to reach a broader audience.

Rebranding should take a holistic approach:

Rebranding could mean a new web design, fresh new packaging on products and introducing a more visual branding approach to the way you interact with customers.You know your logo is an essential part of a rebrand, but you should think about the rebrand from every angle.

Since your rebrand will likely encompass different areas of your business, you should have one product manager in place who “owns” the rebrand. This person should be able to ensure a uniform brand look and continuity on messaging; he or she should build a clear guide about how the rebrand will proceed and provide a clear rebranding timeline to ensure accountability.

It is true rebranding has the potential to alienate your current core customers and erase the accomplishments of your old brand. That’s why smart rebranding is about reducing risks. You should see the design as a competitive advantage.Communicate with customers about changes, and provide them incentives to stick with you throughout the rebranding process, such as offering new deals or services to keep them loyal. You also want to ensure your rebrand isn’t inflexible. As your company or organization grows, you don’t want to feel restricted by your brand’s look and feel.

Glance about Branding:

Branding has become one of the most important strategic tools since its inception and adaptation. Branding has been applied to all kinds of commodities, institutions, personalities, and pets among others due to its effectiveness and contribution to the bottom line. Over a period of time most brands lose its relevance in the eyes of their consumers in particular and market in general. This brings to bear the role of rebranding either the product or organization

Why Rebrand?

There are a number of reasons for why a business might need to rebrand. Rebranding can help businesses:

  • Foray into more competitive markets
  • Undergo a fundamental change
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Re-launch products or services
  • Stay current in evolving markets

6 Key Rebranding Strategies for Your Business Success: 

  • Building on your Past Successful History
  • Developing a Holistic Brand Theme
  • Brand Experts from Planning Phases to Full Execution
  • Continual Develop and Offer Broader Brand Expertise
  • Leveraging Existing Brand Equity and Remarketing
  • Ensure Interwoven Brand Integrity in Website Design

A Rebrand is not a Marketing Initiative

A Rebrand also needs to be instituted across the entire organization, not just marketing. It’s important to get the entire company thinking in terms of the new brand promise. Once you have figured out your new brand promise and have executive buy in, a company needs to outline which needles it wants to move.More than just a logo, rebranding should be accompanied by stronger marketing messages, fresh packaging, great design, and a notion of lifestyle not associated with more generic messages.

Rebranding is a cost effective way:

Yes! Rebranding is a cost effective way to reach broader audiences. At Next Mile Digital, we have a number of rebranding packages available for every business type and budget. We use rebranding strategies that help your business reach a wider audience without the cost of starting from fresh. Our Rebranding Kit gives you the tools and knowledge you need to lead your firm through rebranding.